How to Photograph a Baby


© Richard Cox

Be Ready

  1. Have your camera ready at all times so that the child is comfortable with being photographed and you can capture spontaneous moments.
  2. React quickly to what the child is doing. It is unrealistic to expect very young children to sit still and pose.
  3. Identify times when the baby is at his or her happiest. These are the best times to capture a smile.

Capture the Image

  1. Get down to the baby’s level.
  2. Make the photo session fun for the baby to get the best expressions and most cooperation.
  3. Make sure that the eyes are in sharp focus.
  4. Keep the shot simple. Too many props or distracting clothing draw attention away from the baby.
  5. Try shooting the sleeping baby. These peaceful shots can be easier to take and capture the essence of the baby’s life as a newborn.
  6. Try macro shots of tiny body parts. Closeups of little hands and feet capture an important part of the baby’s story.

© Richard Cox


Process the Image

  1. Use PhotoShop or other editing software to take out distracting blotches or specs of food that don’t enhance the image.
  2. Try converting the image to black and white. This can soften the image and minimize blotches and other distractions.
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