Glass Photography


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You can turn your everyday glassware into vibrant colorful pictures using this simple photo box. It is made from everyday materials. The whole project should only take a couple of hours, and cost less then $20.

The Photo Box

You’ll need to build a photo box to contain your glassware vignettes. This photo box is like a thin bookcase. For the shelf you use a sheet of glass. The thicker the glass shelf, the more weight it will hold. For the back, use textured glass or plexiglass (such as the plexiglass found in florescent ceiling lights). The back will diffuse light reflected off of colored poster board placed behind it.



For the lights, use two work lights that can be found somewhere like Wal-Mart? for under $10. Of course you can use much more expensive photo lights as shown in the picture below. Use the side of the photo box to shield the subject from the lights. Point the lights at the colored paper.


Place the items to photograph on the glass, being careful not to break the glass with heavy items. Arrange the items into a pleasing composition. Have someone hold colored paper about 3-5 feet behind the photo box. Move the paper around searching for the right color balance. Try one, two or three colors at a time changing the position and amount of each color being exposed until you find a combination you like.

 PhotoBox (1) PhotoBox2 (1)

Exposure and White Ballance

Use your camera’s exposure meter and a medium aperture (approx f8-f16, you want your subject in focus). Mount your camera on a tripod. Use daylight film, the incandescent light will warm up the photo. You can try a manual setting in your white balance to 2500-3500K.


© Richard Cox


© Richard Cox

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