Digital Judging System – Quick Start Print Competition


Setting up a simple print competition is quite easy in the Digital Judging System (DJS), all you need to know to get started is the number of prints you plan on judging. Simply follow these steps.

1) Launch DJS

2) Select File -> New

3) Select “Print / Slide Competition; Blank Sheet; then click the “Next >” button.


4) Navigate to where the competition directory for the competition information; then click the “Next >” button

Note: In this case, since there are no images for a print competition directory (only the competition XML files will be held in this directory). You can create the directory directory from the browse for folder dialog, simply click “Make New Folder” and give your competition folder a name.



5) Enter the standard judging information as shown; then click the “Next >” button;


6) Click “Next >” on the category page as for this example there are no categories

7) On the next screen, enter the number of entries for the competition. You can click the up/down arrows, or simply click on the white box, and type in the number directly. Click “Finished”


8) The form will automatically load. and you are now all set to run a print competition.’

You can find a sample floor-plan for print competitions here.