Digital judging System – Quick Start Guide

The quickest way to start using the Digital Judging System (DJS) is with image file-names that have the data embedded in the filename for this example competition, the naming requirements are

Maker’s Name%%Image Title.jpg

This should be communicated as the requirement for submission.

1) Create a directory to hold the competition images. In this example I am using “000_ExampleCompetition” on my desktop

Note: It has to be a dedicated directory for DJS. All images must also be placed in this directory, no sub-directories. One of the good aspects to this, is that all the information DJS will need will be contained in this directory, and now you can take that directory, copy it to a thumb-drive and use it on another DJS. This is good if you are building the competition on your home system, but plan on using your club’s scoring system on the day of the competition.



2) Launch DJS and Select select “File -> New”

3) Select “Competition data embedded in the file name”; then click the “Next >” button

TypeOfCompetition4) Click the “Find Directory” and navigate to where the directory you created in step 1; once selected click “OK” in the browse for folder dialog; then click “Next >”


5) On the competition setup screen setup as shown below; click the “Next >” button.

JudgingOptions6) There are no categories in this example competition, so click the “Next >” button.

7) The next wizard is a bit tricky, will make sense one you try it.

  • For the Separator enter “%%”
  • From the “Import Field” drop down, select “Maker” and then click the “Add” button
  • From the “Import Field” drop down, select “Title” and then click the “Add” button
  • Click the “Finished” button

FileImportNamingConventions8) Select “File -> Save”.

Your Competition should look something like this in DJS.

DjsExampleCompetitionHomeScreenIf you were to look into the competition directory, you will notice that DJS has created two XML files


  • competition.xml
  • entries.xml

You can add additional images to the competition directory; you will have to select “Edit -> Sync Competition Directory” in order for them items to appear in the Competition worksheet.

You can also display the Maker’s name by clicking on the “Entries Display” and checking the “Display Maker Column.”  The club name and maker are hidden by default, so Judges will not accidentally see them.

The Competition

To run a competition, simply hook up the judging equipment as follows

  1. Attach the USB cable for the external 4 port hub to the DJS system. (optionally, use the 10 meter Active USB cable for large auditoriums).
  2. Attach the three keypads to the 4 port USB hub (optionally, use the small 6 foot USB cables for more keypad movement)
  3. Optionally attach the USB keypad light to the keypad (there should be a USB port on the top of the keypad, next to the cable).

You can see a standard competition floor plan here.

Once you have the setup complete, follow these instructions:

1) Load the Competition Directory onto the DJS scoring computer (if not the same machine you used to set-up the competition).

2) Launch DJS, and select “File -> Open” and select the competition folder.

3) Verify the number of judging stations is at least 3 out of 3 (if you have an external keyboard attached to the computer, you may see 4 out of 3). If you do not, select “Keypad -> Reset” to force DJS to re-scan for keypads.

4) Once ready, click the “Start Voting” Button. You will be presented with the keypad setup dialog, when simply helps DJS associate which judge has which keypad.

5) You will be asked first to tap your space bar (this is the space-bar on the DJS system).

6) Then each judge in-turn will be asked to tap a key on their keypad. The judges light will turn green once DJS identifies their keypad. One reason a keypad does not turn green, is if the judge presses the “Num Lock” button, which turns off the green-light but does not send any information to DJS.


7) Once keypads are set-up, you will be presented with the first image.

8) Use the up-arrow, or the down-arrow to scroll through the images, this will let the judges get a flavor of of the images they are about to judge.

Note: At any time in the competition, you can use the Esc key to return the the competition worksheet.


9) Once ready, simply tap the space-bar, and DJS will move to the next image that needs to be scored (which in this case will be the first image)

10) As judges score, their voting box at the bottom of the screen will turn from gray to yellow. If a judge clicks an invalid key, their scoring box will turn red. To enter a score of 10 a judge can use the “0” or the “000” key.

11) When all three judges have scored, their voting box will turn green (there individual score will display, if you selected that option in the Judging Options wizard) and the total score for that image will display.


You can change the Judging Options at any time from the competition worksheet “Edit -> Competition Setup -> Judging Options…”.


To retake the vote, simply click the “Retake Vote” button in the lower left corner of the screen.


12) Tap the space bar to move to the next image to be judged. Optionally you can click the “Judge Next” button in the bottom right (but during a competition that may be slower then simply using the space bar.

Once the voting is complete click the “Esc” to return to the competition worksheet and view the scores.