Bald Cypress With Spanish Moss


I made a quick stop at the Caddo Lake State Park in Texas near the Louisiana border. I wanted to see what the photographic potential of the park would be for a future trip. It was 2pm, not exactly the best time for photography. I found this scene which had okay light but not excellent, so I quickly shot off an HDR sequence of 9 exposures.

Back home I downloaded my images and on quick inspection, thought they were nothing special, but I then decided to process HDR of this scene. To my surprise I found the result quite pleasing, but it had that HDR look, which I don’t like for a nature scene. So I decided instead to work on the first correctly exposed image. I corrected the white balance, along with a few other adjustments in Lightroom. I really liked the non-HDR version of the trees, but I liked the HDR water. So I combined the best of the two image to come up with the image here.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: 28-300 @ 80mm
Exposure:  ISO 200; 1/2 sec  @ f/16

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